IT for Small Business

Big business solutions for small business budgets.

Welcome to IT Boffins, we look forward to working with you on all your small business IT needs.

Most new clients contact us initially for website design and then build a relationship going forward to improve every aspect of their IT systems, always within budgets available.

Whether you need a new website from scratch, a revamp of your old site, assistance with setting up emails, file sharing, cloud services or automating a task _ we would love to hear from you.

Working for you

We listen to your ideas and suggest solutions which we feel will work for your business. We are flexible on pricing and thanks to modern cloud based solutions can suggest products from many different suppliers to achieve the desired result.

Fixed pricing _ all costs always agreed upfront in jargon free language.

Small Business Experts

No business is too small to benefit from improved IT.

Better IT helps you spend less time handling things like customer estimates, book keeping, bank reconciliation and allows you to spend more time growing your business.

Better IT improves your customer relationships. Get estimates to customers in seconds, not days. Provide them with clear receipts as soon as the work is completed.

Better IT improves your brand. Allow us to craft your brand to raise your profile and win the jobs you thought were out of reach. Stand out from your competitors

Online / offline, we help get your business looking fresh and exciting, ready to make sales. We can design and implement IT systems to complement your brand, enhance customer experience and automate your workflow, leaving you more time to grow your business