API Integrations

Sometimes a bit of software doesn’t do exactly what you want, or you may be finding yourself duplicating things in one bit of software into another bit of software.

This wastes time, and introduces errors.

That’s where we can help. We specialise in integrating different software packages together to make your life easier.

Some examples of how we have helped:

  • Integrating a custom CRM into a company’s Xero account. Instead of entering an invoice on their CRM and then having to enter it into their accounting package (Xero), now they simply enter it into their CRM, and our clever bit of code works behind the scene to accurately post the invoice to Xero automatically
  • Integrating a booking system using a company’s Google Calendar to allow clients to book sessions directly into the shared calendar system
  • Allowing emails to be sent via Office365 account from website contact forms
  • Creating a standalone App that simplified data from a client’s very complex logistics software for a specific department within their organisation

If you would like some advice on integrating your systems, please do not hesitate to contact us

Case Study

Ship My Car

See how we integrated this company’s large scale custom CRM into their Xero subscription. Handling over £1m+ per annum of invoicing, our solution has saved this business many hours of manual bookkeeping and removed the risk of duplication error. Read More…

A screenshot of a CRM developed by IT Boffins showing Xero integration via the Xero API