Custom CRM

Ever forgotten to call back a potential / current customer? Paperwork taking too much time to file away or creating duplication? Sounds like you need a Customer Relationship Management solution.

What is a CRM?

A CRM can empower your business, handle customer enquiries all the way through the sales process through to carrying out your services and providing aftersales assistance.

A CRM can turn out to be your best employee.

A robot giving a presentation on CRM design in milton keynes

A CRM system manages everything in relation to your customers, from tracking leads from the initial call, to keeping you and your team connected and up-to-date with every contact that customer makes with your company, through to all the documents they may need / invoicing etc. A CRM not only makes your life significantly easier but also greatly enhances the customer experience with your business.

There are plenty of off-the-shelf CRM packages which in many cases can be customised and made to work with your business and we are more than happy to help decide and implement such a solution.

In many cases an off-the-shelf solution does not fit the needs of a business, or a more custom solution can work much better for you.

Case Study

Car Shipping CRM

We have worked for many years with this Milton Keynes Car Shipping business, ShipMyCar, to build a fully custom CRM solution.

ShipMyCar have a very niche business in shipping vehicles across the world into the UK. The process is very complex and an off-the-shelf package to manage it all just did not work 100%.

The main part of this CRM was the instant quote system which through a series of questions asked on their website enables the system to automatically and instantly price up everything needed to ship a car into the UK, it then adds this quote to the CRM and emails the potential customer a full PDF breakdown of the costs involved and a guide specific to their shipping requirements.

Once into ShipMyCar’s CRM system, every aspect of the process is then tracked and in large parts automated. ShipMyCar staff can log all client interactions to share progress, the client can upload required documents which the CRM automatically checks and advises on anything missing, processes such as customs clearance / progress notifictions are handled automaticaly by the CRM system saving many hours of staff time.