Secure and fast email service is essential for a small business, as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network we can get you set up with the excellent Office 365 range of email solutions.

If you already have an email we can help migrate you over to Office 365

Businesses should have an email ending, using personal email addresses such as Hotmail / Gmail can look very unprofessional – we can move you onto your own domain without losing your existing emails

If your website / software sends emails for you but many are not getting through, we can help set up third party mail senders such as SendGrid to improve your deliverability

For most email applications we suggest Microsoft Office365, it is low cost and comes with so many features and security benefits that it is hard to choose anything else over it. However, if you prefer other products we are happy to set up or optimise them for you

If you still have in-house email servers, or are looking at switching providers we can help migrate all of your emails over.