About Us

We are IT Boffins, we love helping small businesses benefit from technologies that they don’t think they can afford.

We help achieve your goals within your budget.

We love improving efficiency through IT.

We are based in Milton Keynes but can provide IT services for small businesses around the UK.

What to expect

  • Straight talking, jargon free advice
  • Over the phone / email service or happy to visit you
  • High quality sites built from scratch, not templates
  • Small business specialists, we understand your needs and budgets
  • Continued support, we don't just create and go, we assist you going forward to ensure our solution is working for you

The process

Some of our services such as photo editing, we can just crack on with straight away, where the solution is not so obvious we like to go through the below process so everyone understands the plan and costs are agreed.

Step One
Understanding needs

In order to provide a solution using IT we need to understand how your business currently operates and what / where you are looking to improve. This may be your branding, website, SEO or a specific process like invoicing

Step Two
Planning & Estimate

We will go away and spend a bit of time planning a solution, no money will be required - we love this stage! We will put together a scope of the work and an estimate on cost

Step Three
Over to you

Have a read through our offer, let us know any changes or any questions you may have

Step Four

We will draw up a simple to understand scope of work that we all agree on, we then get started. Most of our work is done with no deposit, more involved work may require a deposit that will be agreed upfront

Step Five

Our work is never complete! We will implement the solution and make sure everything is running as expected for you, we keep in touch to see if anything can be improved or expanded along the way


01908 410917


Unit 20 Tanners Drive _ Milton Keynes