ShipMyCar AI Integration

At, we take pride in delivering innovative IT solutions to our clients. One of our valued partners,, has entrusted us with developing their comprehensive IT system, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer experiences. In this blog post, we are excited to introduce our latest collaboration – the integration of a robust progress tracking system into ShipMyCar’s Client Portal. This new feature aims to tackle the complexities of shipping and importing cars into the UK, providing an invaluable solution for both ShipMyCar and their customers.

The Challenge: Navigating the Complexities of Car Shipping and Importing

Shipping and importing cars into the UK is a notoriously intricate process. With numerous factors, regulations, and government agencies involved, it can be overwhelming for both customers and service providers. Tracking the progress of a vehicle’s journey from the initial shipping stages to its final destination is often a daunting task, leading to frustration and uncertainty.

The Solution: Introducing the Progress Tracking System

We will be leveraging the power of ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, to provide real-time status updates within ShipMyCar’s Client Portal. Through the integration of ChatGPT, customers will have a seamless and interactive experience, allowing them to obtain immediate updates on their car shipping process. Whether they have questions about estimated timeframes, specific services, or the current stage of their vehicle, ChatGPT will be readily available to provide accurate and helpful information. This integration ensures that customers have a personalized and efficient means of staying informed about their car shipping journey, further enhancing the transparency and convenience we strive to deliver.

We will be integrating the solution using the ChatGPT API and direct SQL access to client service history, notes and past office update data.

An example call to ChatGPT includes a list of services and expected timescales, a list of the services the client has agreed to, and text stating where in the process the car is (taken from internal notes database), for the interested out there this is structured as follows:

  "id": "chatGPT_task",
  "task": {
    "type": "estimate_service_progress",
    "training_data": {
      "timeframes": {
        "container_unloading": "3-5 days",
        "customs_clearance": "24 hours",
        "nova_application": "2-3 days",
        "vehicle_collection_unloading": "customs_clearance",
        "transport_to_workshop": "3-5 days",
        "additional_services": "scheduled_accordingly",
        "iva_test": "3-4 weeks",
        "mot_test": "7-10 days",
        "dvla_registration": "2-3 weeks",
        "us_road_haulage": "5-10 days",
        "shipping_time_to_UK": "6-8 weeks"
    "client_services": {
      "export_customs_loading_fees": 165,
      "port_to_port_shipping": 3495,
      "marine_insurance": 105.65,
      "unloading_customs_clearance_nova": 145,
      "transport_to_workshop": 295,
      "rear_fog_light_fitting": 195,
      "attended_visit_iva_test_station": 195,
      "iva_test_fee": 199,
      "mot_test_fee": 54.85,
      "road_tax": 162.25,
      "dvla_registration_fee": 55,
      "administration_fee": 275
    "current_process": "vehicle arrived to workshop, IVA testing scheduled for 20th June"

The status update is then fully generated by ChatGPT to give the client a nice easy to read response and percentage of completion:

The vehicle has arrived in the UK and is currently at our workshop. The IVA test is booked for 20th June 2023. The remaining services to be completed include rear fog light fitting, attended visit to the IVA test station, IVA and MOT tests, and DVLA registration. We estimate the process to be 70% complete with final completion date currently estimated 4th – 11th July”

Benefits to Customers:

  1. Enhanced Transparency: Our progress tracking system brings transparency to the complex car shipping journey. Customers can now access vital information, including vessel arrival dates, customs clearance status, NOVA application updates, and more. This level of transparency eliminates ambiguity and ensures customers are well-informed throughout the entire process.
  2. Simplified Communication: The integrated system streamlines communication between ShipMyCar and its customers. Instead of relying solely on phone calls or emails, clients can conveniently access updates and progress reports directly from the Client Portal. This reduces response times and improves overall efficiency, enabling seamless and timely communication between all parties involved.
  3. Personalised Milestone Notifications: Our system is designed to send automated notifications to customers when key milestones are achieved. Whether it’s the completion of customs clearance or the scheduling of an IVA or MOT test, customers will receive timely updates, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups and reducing any potential delays.
  4. Peace of Mind: By providing a clear and comprehensive view of the shipping process, our progress tracking system instills confidence and peace of mind in ShipMyCar’s customers. They can rest assured knowing that their valuable vehicle is in capable hands, with real-time insights into its journey and progress.

The integration of our progress tracking system into ShipMyCar’s Client Portal revolutionizes the car shipping and importing experience. By addressing the challenges associated with the industry’s complexities, we are proud to offer ShipMyCar’s customers enhanced transparency, simplified communication, personalized milestone notifications, and the peace of mind they deserve. At, we remain committed to delivering innovative IT solutions that empower businesses and redefine customer experiences.